Myths & Truths About Alcohol and Alcoholics Anonymous

Many people feel strange when going to their first A.A. meeting. Some people think they are too young to be in alcoholics anonymous. Others feel embarrassed or haven’t been drinking for very long. There are even members of Alcoholics Anonymous who never really drank “hard” liquor.

At Alcoholics Anonymous, you soon learn that it really doesn’t matter how much you drink, where you drink or what you drink. The important thing is what alcohol does to you physically and psychologically; only you can decide whether or not you have a drinking problem.

Here are just some of the Myths & Truths about Alcohol and Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.):

Myth: A.A. is only for older people who have been drinking for several years.

Truth: Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship for anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol abuse; no matter how long you have been drinking.

Myth: I can’t be an alcoholic, I can drink a lot and not get sick

Truth: Even people with large capacities for alcohol can become alcoholics

Myth: Joining A.A. means complying with a bunch of rules, regulations and people telling you what to do.

Truth: Joining Alcoholics Anonymous is always free and never requires forms to sign or dues to pay. The only “requirement” for joining Alcoholics Anonymous is a desire to stop drinking. People in A.A. tell stories and give suggestions on how to stop drinking and stay sober.

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