Women in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.)

Alcoholism can be a difficult affliction to deal with; especially for women. The word “alcoholic” may disturb some people and for many, the word still suggests a weakness or that an alcoholic is an outcast or a recluse. However, society still tends to look with tolerance or even amusement at a male drunk but recoil at the sight of a woman in the same condition.

Women in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) make it a point to put all their unjustified guilt behind them. Women in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) understand that alcoholism is not a question of manners or morals. Alcoholics suffer from a medical condition; an illness as described by the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association.

The point is that it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old, man or woman; Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is for anyone who has the desire to quit drinking and stay sober. There is a turning point for many women in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and although for many it is reached through a hospital, rehab or prison, it is a common misconception that someone has to hit “rock-bottom” before they seek help.

In Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) there are no forms to sign or fees to pay. No one in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) is asked to subscribe to any formal course of treatment. Any one who wishes to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) will simply find men and WOMEN who have freed themselves from their dependence of alcohol and have begun to repair the damage it has done to their lives.