"Set Aside Prayer"

May. 28, 2011 5 Comments Posted under: Recovery

Dear God, Let me set aside everything I think I know about you, about me, about this way of life, and about these steps, for an open mind and a new experience of you, of me, of this way of life and of these steps. Amen

This prayer was taught to me as part of Step Study Workshop. It was used to open the workshop, and helped get me in the proper frame of mind to learn and apply new thoughts to my recovery.

If it can be of benefit to you, please use it.

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  • Tom

    The problem with this ‘prayer’ is that it refers to God as a ‘you’,and therefore a person, a human being. A God of my understanding is not such a puny God. This is a child’s way of seeing God. It smacks of religion which AA is not. To experience God is to experience a presence far greater than anything human.

    • mjdunn

      If it is not for you, don’t use it. God “May I do Thy will always”.

    • ourprimarypurpose

      How many times does the Big Book refer to God as Him…with a capital H?

      • http://www.theaablog.com/ Marc

        Really don’t know for sure but one of the books I have references about 20 different pages with “Him” referred to as God.

  • lil bird

    I think that is a child’s way to comment a prayer.. everyone has their own understanding of God and we gotta respect that.. while the God of your understanding may be offended by that reference, I can talk to the God of my understanding just like I talk to a best friend.. the problem lies not the prayer but in your perception