Great Mystery

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By Fran Dancing Feather
The Great Mystery is one way to translate the name of the Creator from a Tribal language. This name “Mystery” reminds us that we cannot fully understand the nature of God, no matter how much we think we may know about Him. Among the Tribes on this continent the Creator has many names in various languages. There are as many Creation stories as there are names for the Great Mystery of Creation. People have been arguing about the nature of this Mystery since we humans first learned to speak. Disagreements do not bring a clearer vision of the supernatural workings of the universe but they keep human beings busy talking. Constant talking is highly over-rated. Sometimes prayer is nothing more then a sense of wonder at the extraordinary interconnection we share with each other and the Greatness of all things.

There is a mystical time each day just before the sunrise. The light hasn’t really arrived and yet the darkness is slowly giving way. To grasp this moment and hold it inside the heart would be a perfect poem of gratitude.

The light brings color and clarity to the things of earth that we can see. I can see that I am alive and moving and that I have some purpose. Perhaps that illusive first color of the day is a kind of purple, a color of ancient royalty. The next hint of color at the edge of the horizon is a faint gold and the alchemy of the day begins. Alchemy is that recipe of the gold that humankind has yet to reproduce. Gold must be made only within the womb of mother earth so it remains the most precious metal. Perhaps the natural alchemy of gold happens just before the sun comes each day. That is when the color seems to glow from the mountains across the river. It those early moments I believe there is a royal presence surrounded by the precious gifts of the earth. For the rest of the day and night, this moment cannot be reproduced. From one day to the next no two sunrises are the same. A leaf has fallen or a new bud of life has grown just a tiny bit or a breeze has moved some things from here to there, just enough to change the scene from yesterday. No two moments in time eternal are exactly the same as far as I can see. But I am limited and fragile beside the huge miracle of Creation. The other side of the sunrise tells me I am also unlimited and blessed by the Power of Forever. The very early moment before the sunrise is a sacred place of dreams and visions.

The passageway to living in the precious moment is remembering that acceptance is the answer to all my problems. When I cease fighting life on life’s terms and just accept everything just as it is at this moment, as a sacred journey, then I feel closer to my Creator. We learn about acceptance in our recovery and for many of us this is a new concept. Many of us were warriors without a spiritual cause. We were made sick by the inability to accept the fact that everything is Sacred within the circle of life.

Nothing happens without meaning. There really are no random accidents. As we stand on the healing mother earth we realize that earth is the only place the gold can occur. The sacred mystery of Creation knows everything and even though we know only a little, we can trust the Great Mystery to unravel the conflicts and wounded parts within us. Just the same way the gold is formed under the mountains, eternity is formed within our souls.

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