Immersing myself in recovery has soothed my soul and removed the pain of addiction changing the way my body feels without drugs or alcohol

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  • hugh mcfadden

    I am sometimes stubborn to move on in the AA programme even tho I have seen miracles within it. If I am patient I begin to realize on a deeper level that God is letting me ‘see’ at my own pace.

    • Marc

      Thank you. That Power of The Universe does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

  • dee68

    hello i am new my name is dee and i am recovery . 1 year and 3 months now. why during the holidays thoughts come in my mind. never expected this. i am found to be scared now. of my recovery. i wont pick up but in my mind i am doing the works like i just begun. and all this time is what ? if i am having a thought like that??

    • Marc

      Hi Dee. Addiction is cunning and baffling, as well as patient. Our recovery doesn’t mean we are cured, it means we have tools to deal with it. Before I found a solution in recovery I would deny feelings like you are expressing and seek drugs or alcohol to keep me from feeling them. These holidays or other times of celebration, or times of difficult challenges, were excuses for me to get loaded. Now I remember my bad choices and try to do What I have been taught: talk about it, seek others to share with, feel it and not act negatively. It’s OK to be human and have natural human feelings. We are aware of these feelings and can chose to make positive choices.
      You are an alcoholic and it’s OK. Trust your HP and just be.