My St Francis Prayer

This is a version that I came up with when I had trouble memorizing it. It has evolved over the years, but it expresses my establishment of a relationship with my Higher Power and it gives me TRUST. Hope you like it or make your own. It does strengthen my relationship with God. God may [...]

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Helping Others Not Preaching

The smarter a person is the more they need God to protect them from thinking they know everything. Being on a spiritual quest requires caution. If we are confident about our journey it is not uncommon for our egos to get us into trouble. It is easy to become self-righteous. We start out with good [...]

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Conscious Contact

by Darlene Harmony House Yoga Davie, FL Our spring forward this weekend brings up time, particularly ‘lost’ time. Sixty minutes of life that seemingly evaporated and the adjustment period that now follows. As the collective conversation gathers around the concept of time, we pause to recognize its relevance. Time is represented through what is consciously [...]

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The Buddha and Bill W

By Regina Walker AA is often accused of being a Christian cult, but it has a lot more in common with Buddhism than many may realize. “Consider the eight-part
program laid down in
Buddhism: Right view, right
aim, right speech, right action,
right living, right effort right
mindedness and right
contemplation. The Buddhist
philosophy, as exemplified by
these eight points, could be
literally [...]

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Relationship With God

Being holy means being in a different kind of space. Special. Consecrated. Separate. But we don’t get there just because our Higher Power proclaims it or especially because we say it or think it. If we are on a path of spiritual renewal then we get there because we want to and we work it. [...]

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Coasting Into Complacency

COMPLACENCY!!! Until recently I didn’t realize how much that word or thought scared me. I had heard many people share about the trap I could become ensnared in by not going to meetings, not staying connected to other recovering alcoholics in my support group and not practicing the principles in all my affairs. The message [...]

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What Its Like To Have An Addicted Loved One And Hear the Term “Alcoholic” Used As A Joke

What Its Like To Have An Addicted Loved One and Hear the Term "ALCOHOLIC" Used As A Joke

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This post draws on Book of Genesis as an example of spirituality for the purpose of bringing forward into consciousness a “Power greater than ourselves” to rely on in recovery. It is not intended to espouse any religion or to insinuate that one needs a religion to recover from alcoholism, only that it is my [...]

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Heavy Drinking Is Epidemic

This interpretation and the report itself is disturbing to me. Besides the headline and its pronouncement that heavy drinking is OK because you are not necessarily an alcoholic is easily misleading. Most alcoholics don’t begin as heavy out of control drinkers, they progress from moderation or infrequent to uncontrollable drinkers. The distinction is not easy [...]

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Wish I Had Another Chance by Tommy Rosen

A young man in recovery named Charlie came to my house earlier this year with his parents. His entry into addiction came as the result of a head-on car accident caused by an old man who was driving on the wrong side of Highway 17 near Santa Cruz on Jan. 1, 2010. That was the [...]

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    If I can borrow from someone else, “I can tell you things that I have come to believe with every fiber of my being, and you can disagree with every syllable I utter, and yet both of us can be sober...both of us can be useful, productive members, not only of Alcoholics Anonymous, but of society. So, if anything I say bothers you, just dismiss it. If anything I say you disagree with, you're entitled to.”

    ……nobody speaks officially for the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, not even the founders.”

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